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377384 Describe the use of stores and warehousing in operations

    What will I learn?

  • Differentiate between the functions of the store and the warehouse in a manufacturing environment

  • Explain the importance of stock control in order to improve supply chain operations

  • Discuss the principles of operations of a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Discuss space requirements in order to identify the appropriate layout of a warehouse

  • Explain productivity in a warehouse

  • Push production and pull production

  • Explain various storage methods

  • Discuss the scheduling of production in a push system

  • Describe the procedure to authorise push activities

  • Perform push and pull activities within a specific environment

  • Discuss visual signalling (pull systems)

    Is it for me?

This skills programme has been designed for people working in the manufacturing environment who need to understand the functions of the store and the warehouse and are tasked with the responsibility to understand the need for improvement in supply chain operations, control stock and understand the layout of a warehouse according to workplace requirements.

    What do I get?

Certificate of Competence.

NQF level: 3

Credits: 10

Seta: MerSeta

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