A revolutionary assessment tool that seeks to ensure the right training is performed

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Learning Paths / Skills Assessment

AssessMe is an engine that drives the competency and skills development activities of the future. Our tool will guide you to obtain the proficiency to fill your skills gap.

A screening process to determine competencies for the job

Assessments for smarter decisions   

As training providers and industry practitioners, we are passionate about bringing smarter ways of working to all aspects of the supply chain. For this reason, we created AssessMe, a revolutionary assessment tool that seeks to ensure the right training is performed and skills development reporting activities are simplified. Anyone ever wished for an automated Work Skills Plan?

   Making organisations smarter!

We look at it from two angles - empowering people and transforming business. Our tool enables a business to attract and keep the best people, develop their skills, and cultivate new leaders by applying human insight and workforce analytics to transform the way they work. We provide deep insight and experience in supply chain employee engagement, talent management and skills development mixed with unique technology and platform, giving us the ability to build an ‘Enlightened Workforce’ and therefore enabling organisations to make better decisions.

AssessMe is aligned to companies & candidates   

Our promise is to improve and enrich the lives of, not just the assessment takers, but the Human Resource teams within organisations who need better tools to produce better insights into skills development activities. We understand the basic principle that our customers hire to improve their companies. The drive to improve companies is at the core of every decision we make and every product, service and solution we offer.

   Big goals require smarter decisions

We have a lofty goal – To Reinvent Training. We understand this is no small task, but we are not a small-thinking company. We’ve always worked to create solutions that solve big problems. So then, what could be bigger than helping organisations reinvent their workforce - the only way to do that is to change thinking. With better training comes better thinking, but we also do not subscribe to training for the sake of training. AssessMe provides targeted training insights.

Holistic integrated solutions

Integrate your operational improvement programs with Training Programmes, Electronic Support Systems (tts) and Data Science & Analytics.