Demand Driven Planning made even simpler

iSimPlan V2.0

The world of supply chain management is changing as fast as the supply chains it governs; keeping up with ever shortening customer tolerance times, and increasingly erratic supply chains have become a challenge for many businesses. These challenges are exacerbated by the variability in demand and supply which is becoming ever more prevalent in all global markets, be they emerging or established. With the above in mind, it’s no wonder that planners have their work cut out for them. If fact, they are often run absolutely ragged, working 10’s of hours of overtime per week, constantly fighting fires, and generally only just keeping their (and their organisations’) heads above water. This picture is a gloomy one, however, there is hope. The introduction of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith has opened up a myriad of planning possibilities using their Demand Driven methodologies. Through the use of dynamically adjusted buffering of strategic inventory items, the DDMRP methodology has been proven to dramatically reduce inventory levels while simultaneously increasing productivity and customer service levels. iSimPlan was developed to enable organisations to effortlessly apply the DDMRP methodology using our intuitive software. On Tuesday 16 October the iSimPlan team released iSimPlan 2.0. This version of the software boasts a number of new features as well as a complete upgrade of the user interface. New features include the Multi-level Bill of Materials Analysis Tool, which will provide additionavisibility across the supply chain, and the Supply Chain Metrics Views, which will provide organisations with deeper insight into the health of their supply chain.

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