Gamification in training

5 Reasons to use a Gamified LMS for training

The use of gamification in training usually improves the attitude towards learning, increases learner engagement and motivation and boosts employee productivity. Gathering points, collecting badges and competing for the first place on a leaderboard can really do wonders in terms of learning, even for people working in the most serious industries. That’s why a gamified LMS can be a great addition to your training program.

1. Boosts engagement

Long blocks of text without any visual variation is a sure recipe for boredom. Adding gamified elements like points, badges or leaderboards drive participation, as people have a natural desire to win knowledge, skills and the recognition from others.

2. Motivation and goal tracking

People are motivated by a need to accomplish, to work towards goals.
A gamified LMS can create a learning environment where each employee's specific professional goal can be achieved by taking a series of learning actions.

3. Improves knowledge retention

Training becomes more engaging with gamification and the level of information retention is increased. Employees are much more likely to remember what they are taught because they are more involved in the process of learning.

4. Promotes team building

A gamified LMS can also be considered an outlet for employees to connect socially and to contribute with learning content. This enhances collaboration, communication, knowledge-sharing and helping each other.

5. Valuable feedback

Being able to parse massive amounts of learning data in real time, a gamified LMS allows instructors to easily track the performance of employees and get valuable feedback about how they're learning as they progress in their training.