Software Development Cycle

Agile methodologies in the workplace

In this day and age most companies have successfully adopted the agile methodology as part of the Software Development Cycle. We hear about phased approaches, which inevitably means new enhancements, new functionalities or more efficient processes that are introduced on short cycle intervals.

Has your organisation’s Training methodology evolved to align with this new way of development and implementation? How do you manage to create and develop the required content, or maintain and update the existing content without reducing your current deliverables list nor increasing the department’s resources?

To add insult, a recent study reports that 40% of all employees are in the first year of their role within an organisation. Basically, half of all staff are always in need of upskilling and/or training. Truth be told, that they're in a constant state of just trying to keep up.

Some companies have managed to create a central repository where they keep all the learning content available to staff. However, the uptake is very low as staff detest the rabbit-holes they have to search to locate the much needed assistance at the particular moment. Our software solution allows your employees to access information and learning content directly at their workstation and exactly at the moment when assistance is required. No need to navigate away from the open application nor any navigation down hierarchies of files.

A big help to users, especially when dealing with workflows which are either new, complex, modified or rarely used. Whenever users are at a loss as to how to proceed, they just have to click the “help” button to access immediate customized support. 

This is possible due to the fact that all content has been tailored in advance to match the employee’s respective function, or role, within the company.

Depending on the nature of the information requirement, employees can choose between simple field helps, innovative step guides, self-learning material, process flows or detailed information. The various Help categories on offer, also known as Performance Support Categories, can be individually created and assigned in accordance with the client’s needs.

Not only does the solution provide contextual support, it also provides the following:

  • Content authoring tool

  • Content Curation Workflow

  • Variety of output formats from one source recording

  • Standardisation of outputs

  • Localisation of content

  • Learning Content Management System

  • Content structured based on Roles, Responsibilities within Processes