eLearning Development

Customised learning experience

In order to achieve frequent and effective learner engagement, the content needs to be entertaining, interesting and manageable. The nature of the content should be experiential which allows the learner to immediately apply the new skill.

Interactive learning content

The modern-day learner prefers micro-sized content nuggets presented in an interactive format.

Personalised training content

Annual Compliance training is repetitive and often invokes a negative reaction with long-term staff members. This solution allows the learner to complete a pre-assessment and based on the results, provides a personalised content set to complete.

Task and responsibility orientated

Designing content to appeal to each level within a corporate structure minimises ambiguity and has an immediate effect on efficiency and increased output. Content is work and task-related so that the learner can apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Pre-built content collection

The Pre-built Content Collection includes thousands of high-quality, modern video lessons covering a variety of topics critical to the modern day workforce. These content topics include Business Skills, HR Compliance, Software, Leadership & Management, Workplace Safety, Sales & Service as well as Information Technology. There are also a host of industry-specific topics spanning the Finance and Banking sector. We’ve got the content you need to develop your people.

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