tts performance suite is a tool that covers all digital adoption requirements

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Electronic Support Systems (tts)

tts performance suite is a tool that covers all digital adoption requirements. It ensures your workforce can access all the knowledge and help it needs at exactly the right moment.

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tts software enabling performance support

An important aspect of performance support is putting information in context, making it available in the moment of need. The problem with formal learning is the “forgetting curve”. The aim of a complete approach that adds performance support to formal learning is to prevent process knowledge from fading after a great roll-out. Instead, employees are encouraged to access the knowledge they need when they need it. This improves the overall state of knowledge, building it and sustaining it over time.

Equipped for every application

If you want to produce high-quality eLearning and interactive, IT simulations at the press of a button or if you’d like fellow employees to be able to navigate through business processes in complete confidence. Whatever the case, tt performance suite uniquely combines web-based training, documentation, online help and performance support. Rely on integrated learning systems from tts and say goodbye to a whole bunch of standalone tools.


        Holistic integrated solutions

        Integrate your operational improvement programs with Digitised Content, Bespoke Systems and Data Science & Analytics.