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Local & International Courses

We offer various local, international, non-accredited workshops and accredited training  in warehousing, logistics and the supply chain. These are prepared and assessed by subject matter experts. 

Digitised Content

For maximum intake, training and learning needs to be an enjoyable experience. This is achieved through customised, interactive, personalised learning content that is task and responsibility orientated.

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online training platform. It offers a centralised environment for creating content, delivering online training, and evaluating learners’ performance. 

Operating Model

Drastically accelerate your operations by aligning Supply Chain strategy with business plans while defining process requirements using global standards for performance, process, practices, and people.

Data Science & Analytics

Dashboards, natural language processing, machine learning and process optimization to give you a greater understanding of your supply chain, employees, organization and bottom line.

Change Management

We use a goal-focused Change Management model to cultivate individual-, team- and organisational change.
Most of our attention is focused on the individual.

Bespoke Systems Development

Leverage your competitive advantage based on your unique value proposition. Our solutions are built with cross-disciplinary teams that ensure that the big picture is maintained.

Electronic Support Systems (tts)

tts performance suite is a tool that covers all digital adoption requirements. It ensures your workforce can access all the knowledge and the help they need at exactly the right moment.

CLX learn

Supply chain training for individuals to address skills gaps within organisations. Accredited by several organisations to provide the best quality learning material.

CLX evolve

Supports organisation specific training and learning needs for personnel through an innovative outlook on learning practices, change management, and content delivery.

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CLX flow

Enabling supply chain excellence through process evaluation using the SCOR ® - framework, systems development, implementation, and training.

What you get from a partnership with CLX

Online Training   

Quality accredited training for organizations to  maximise  their BBBEE points and utilise tax- breaks

  ROI on Employees  

Enhance data and performance visibility to measure and control ROI on employee investment  


Leaders in the transformation process from learning to task execution


Passionate about lifelong partnerships to help you attain a sustainable competitive advantage 

Immersive Learning   

Increased  knowledge retention through interactive and immersive learning

   End-to-End Learning 

Customised end-to-end learning experience      

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