Receive stock in a DC / Warehouse 

What will I learn?

  • Receive goods into the DC

  • Prevent shrinkage and losses in the Receiving Area

  • Update DC stock balances in order to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain

*This skills programme is only available to learners currently employed with access to a warehouse/ DC/ storeroom where the practical observation can be undertaken.    

Is it for me?

This skills programme is intended for people who will receive stock in a distribution centre or warehouse. Persons credited with this unit standard operate in a number of contexts, of which some may be non-routine. They demonstrate the ability to make comparisons and interpret available information.

These persons are able to receive stock in a Dc/warehouse, implement security procedures to prevent shrinkage and losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain by recording required information on stock being received. 

What do I get?

Qualification ID:  117901
Certificate of Competence
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 15

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