Training programmes

57712 General Management

    What will I learn?

Fundamental modules

  • Mathematical literacy; and

  • English communication skills

Core modules

  • Apply leadership concepts in a work context

  • Apply the organisation's code of conduct in a work environment

  • Conduct a structured meeting

  • Employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives

  • Identify the responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met

  • Manage Expenditure against a budget

  • Monitor the level of service to a range of customers

  • Motivate and Build a Team

  • Prioritise time and work for self and team

  • Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions

Elective modules

  • Maintain records for a team

  • Identify and explain the core and support functions of an organisation

  • Describe the relationship of junior management to the general management function


  • Inventory and Inventory Control (Learning Programme ID 83987)

  • Manufacturing Control (Learning Programme ID 83989)

  • Planning and Scheduling Techniques (Learning Programme ID 83988)

    Is it for me?

This learnership programme has been designed for managers in any occupation and will provide participants with excellent foundational knowledge of management and the ability to manage systems, processes, resources, self, teams and individuals.

    What do I get?

Further Education and Training Certificate.

NQF level: 4

Credits: 150

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