Become Demand Driven with DDMRP

Learn and experience DDMRP

Learn and experience DDMRP

Those of you that follow the Supply Chain trends will have no doubt come across practices such as demand-driven inventory planning, or seen leading global companies such as Michelin and British Telecoms embrace new inventory methodologies such as Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP).

Cost effective training for teams

At CLX, we are inundated with requests to provide DDMRP courses. We have thought long and hard about how to best offer our customers a view into the Demand Driven world without having to put their entire planning team through one of these certifications, which just isn’t feasible during the “exploration phase”.

Use real company inventory data

As the saying goes “Seeing is believing” with respect to new leading practices. To this end we have partnered with AppliSential (a DDI Affiliate) to incorporate iSimPlan ( DDMRP software into a training offering. This allows our customers not only to receive training, but also “see the WASTE” that DDMRP will highlight with respect to inventory positions.

Unlimited training seats

Becoming DDI certified is critically important to an organisation’s DDMRP journey, but at the early exploration stages, companies need to develop awareness of the methodology and the software that will support the decision to become Demand Driven. We believe the answer lies in empowering as many supply chain employees as possible through knowledge building sessions. We, therefore, do not cap the number of participants, nor do we charge per head. You get a trial of the software, plus unlimited training seats on a personalized company proof of concept of the DDMRP methodology and iSimPlan software – What better way to establish a business use case?

Register your team today for a combined training and in-company proof of concept!