Change management

"One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they gain."
-Rick Godwin


We use a goal-focused Change Management model to cultivate individual-, team- and organisational change. Most of the attention is squarely focused on the individual to ensure that each staff member makes the transition successfully.

Assessment and tools

The ADKAR model measures the effectiveness of the proposed change process. Progress is then gauged at the individual level, allowing the identification of gaps, and the application of corrective action. Readiness assessments include Organizational assessments, Impact assessments, Culture and History assessments, Employee assessments, Sponsor assessments and Change assessments. Each tool provides insights into the challenges and opportunities assessments, Sponsor assessments and Change assessments. Each tool provides the staff may face during the change process.

Resistance management

The largest obstacle to success for major change is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of the change. It is completely natural to display varying levels of resistance-based behaviour when faced with change. Recognising and managing resistance is a key proficiency for effective change management.

Create an AWARENESS of change within the corporate structure at all levels. Understanding the “why” of the proposed change is the first critical success factor.

Lead the individual to the point where the DESIRE for change is strong enough to promote, support and participate in the change initiative.

Individuals are prepared for the change by transferring the KNOWLEDGE which is required for a successful change (i.e. info sessions, training interventions, mentoring etc.)

The newly-acquired knowledge needs to be applied practically, providing the individual staff member with the ABILITY to change.

To sustain the change, the individual requires REINFORCEMENT of the above to prevent reverting to the old habits.

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