On-the-move Logistics Board Game  

What will I learn?

  • How a global supply chain operates from order to delivery.

  • Logistics and supply chain terminology and concepts such as reverse logistics and cash flow.

  • How to make choices and solve problems by being creative.

  • Dealing with current supply chain and logistics issues such as globalisation and carbon footprints.

Is it for me?

This educational board game is designed to excite and inspire participants about the business of global supply chains. It consists of more than fifty learning activities over seven levels that provide insight into the exciting world of logistics and supply chain management.

During the game, participants run a logistics business moving different products from China to their domestic market by land, air and sea as quickly, profitably and environmentally responsible as they can. Participants must make the same decisions businesses make every day, namely: How do I deliver? Will I make a profit? How should I grow? How can I cut my carbon footprint?

What do I get?

Certificate of Attendance

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