SCOR® is a process reference model. The purpose of a process reference model, or business process framework, is to define process architecture in a way that aligns with key business functions and goals. The architecture here references how processes interact and perform, how these processes are configured, and the requirements (skills) of staff operating the processes.

The SCOR® reference model consists of 4 major sections:


Standard metrics to describe process performance and define strategic goals


Standard descriptions of management processes and process relationships


Management practices that produce significantly better process performance


Standard definitions for skills required to perform supply chain processes

SCOR® Improvement Program and SCOR® Race Track

The SCOR® Racetrack model describes how to organize a SCOR® improvement program using the SCOR® process and supporting methodologies. The methodology is described in 5 distinct steps:

1. Pre-SCOR program steps
Prepare the organisation for the mission-critical SCOR® improvement program.

2. Set the scope

Understand the business environment and define the scope of the Supply Chain for a SCOR® improvement program.

3. Configure the supply chain

Determine the performance metrics and processes of the SCOR® improvement program.

4. Optimise projects

Establish the project portfolio including process scope, priority, and anticipated benefits.

5. Ready for implementation

Implement projects in the portfolio and commence benefits realisation.



Dramatically accelerate your operations and recognize that effective Supply Chain management is critical to achieving shareholder goals. SCOR® is a key enabler to help achieve supply chain excellence by:

  • Aligning Supply Chain strategy with business plans

  • Defining processes using a global standard for performance, process, practices, and people

  • Determining resource requirements to support our client's supply chain blueprint

CLX flow is one of two partners approved to conduct SCOR® implementations within South Africa. We are an APICS SCC Partner (Sponsor) and an APICS International Channel education Partner (ICP). We have led ERP implementations and business process re-engineering projects using the SCOR® model for over 10 years. As an APICS SCC sponsor, CLX flow will play the role of a coach and mentor as we guide your team through all aspects of this crucial project’s lifecycle.

Sponsor services

In addition to the ambassador services, CLX flow is also able to assist in a range of project engagement activities.

  • Process enablement: Activities include documentation, data collection and collation, process modelling and verification.

  • Data analysis: Activities include data mining, SQL statement preparation, trend analysis etc.

  • Project management: Activities include project team management, daily team engagement and mentoring, etc.

SCOR® Professional (SCOR-P®)

The SCOR® Professional (SCOR-P®) endorsement program establishes a global standard of excellence for applying SCOR®. The endorsement demonstrates an individual’s knowledge of SCOR ® and their ability to apply the model’s techniques to measure, manage and improve supply chain performance. 

Participants are eligible to take the SCOR®-Professional exam and earn their SCOR-P® designation after attending the three-day class. Candidates must purchase the SCOR® Professional training course to receive an authorization to test (ATT). 

APICS SCOR–P® education is essential if you are involved in: 

Production management


Supply chain management

Employees of companies implementing SCOR®


Materials management

Inventory management

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