Introduction to Advance Driver Training - Code 08   

What is the purpose of this workshop?

The purpose of this workshop is to create an awareness about safe, professional operation of rigid, light vehicles with a gross vehicle mass below 3.5 tons. 

What are the outcomes?

At the end of the workshop learners will be able to:

  • Understand the preparation of a rigid light vehicle for road transport trips according to specification.

  • Know what is expected when driving a rigid light vehicle.

  • Understand the maintenance of road transport service quality.

  • Have insight into unexpected situations according to specified procedures.

  • Reflect on vehicle performance.

  • Understand how to park rigid light vehicle in accordance with specified requirements.

What is the duration of the workshop?

3 Days (7 hours per day)

What will I receive on completion?

A certificate of attendance 

Certificate of attendance

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